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Pa answer po need q po now

Pa answer po need q po now

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Angeline is doing an experiment on the effect of the low temperatures on bacteria. she made a sample of bacteria cool at a temperature of -51°c and another at -76°c. what was the temperature difference in the two experiments
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What is the unit digit of 3 raise to the power 2019 if it is simplified? ​
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Question 1the following transactions relate to the cash book of p. ramlee for the month of june2019.jun 01 balance at bank rm 450 (debit balance) and rm 198 cash in handjun 02 paid s cowling (a supplier) by cheque rm 276jun 03 received rm 125 cash from j blakeley (a debtor)jun 05 bought fixtures for rm 355, payment made by chequejun 07 borrowed rm 800 from bank: money transferred directly into accountjun 10 took rm 50 cash for personal usejun 12 cash sales of rm 96 paid directly into bankjun 15 rent received rm 43 cashjun 18 purchases for rm 176 cashjun 20 cash of rm 100 bankedjun 21 paid insurance by cheque rm 145jun 25 | cheque received for rm 89 from n standen (a debtor)jun 28 sold office equipment for rm 65 cashjun 29 withdrew rm 50 from bank for personal use​
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If fab enterprise has php 2, 500. 000.00 shares of common stocks outstanding if a divided of php 50, 000, 000.00 was declared by the compony directors last year, what is the divideds per share of common stocks? ​
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